Location Schema
Abstract Extensible Status Identifiable Custom Properties Additional Properties Access Restrictions Defined In
Can be instantiated No Unknown status No Forbidden Allowed none vinv-named-openapi.min.json*

items Type

object (Location)

Location Properties

Property Type Required Nullable Defined by
coordinates object Required cannot be null vinv
accuracy number Optional cannot be null vinv


Anchor point of the Object on a map. Array of longitude, latitude and [altitude] coordinate. Reference system: WGS84 Web Mercator with longitude and latitude units of decimal degrees.


coordinates Type

object (Coordinates)

coordinates Constraints

maximum number of items: the maximum number of items for this array is: 3

minimum number of items: the minimum number of items for this array is: 2


The decimal accuracy of coordinates in meter (2 decimal places max).


accuracy Type

number (Accuracy)

accuracy Constraints

minimum: the value of this number must greater than or equal to: 0